Daphne Riley

Daphne is a natural teacher whose love for teaching Spanish has only grown with her decade-long experience teaching high school, middle school and one-on-one Spanish classes.  

Spanish language study changed Daphne's life. After spending a high school summer in Costa Rica studying Spanish, Daphne was hooked on the Spanish language and the life-enhancing opportunities that it could offer.

She holds a BA in Spanish from Lawrence University where she spent a year abroad attending the University of Granada in Spain and graduated with honors. She went on to earn her Masters in Spanish Language and Literature and graduated with honors from Lehman College.

Daphne started her career in education as a New York City Teaching Fellow, teaching middle school Spanish in the Bronx. She taught high school Spanish and yoga for six years at the Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria, where she co-founded the Junior Year Study Abroad program, leading students annually on trips abroad. Daphne’s passion for Spanish and Latin American culture led naturally to her own travel study of the ancient cultures of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico, as well as indigenous people and their contributions, both past and present, in Panama and Chile.

Her adventures in Central and South America include: connecting with Venezuelan refugees in Chile, teaching English to value aligned students in Chile, cycle touring through Ecuador and Peru, volunteering as a violin/viola teacher and guest youth orchestra conductor in Moyobamba, Peru, working as a yoga/meditation teacher and translator at a holistic retreat center in the Peruvian Amazon, and becoming a certified Spanish language Yoga Teacher in Costa Rica.

Daphne is delighted to be back in the United States where she can share the gift of speaking a second (or third, or fourth...) language with others.

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